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16 hrs


Preferably experience in a software development environment, never mind the role


CSETM is a highly collaborative software delivery framework that enables teams & companies to develop qualitative & valuable software at extremely high speeds. It's a way of working that provides development teams and stakeholders with shared tools and processes to collaborate more efficiently on crafting software solutions.

What's in it for you?

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain and execute the core concepts of CSETM
  • Collaborate through the form of natural language
  • Apply the techniques of collective elaboration
  • Define the techniques and goals of example mapping
  • Understand and work with the principles of living documentation
  • Prepare documentation for automation and continuous deployment of your application
  • Perform stakeholder management within the software development lifecycle

What we can offer you?

A practical course consisting out of multiple modules, focusing on the fundamentals of CSETM and the usage of Gauge to enhance it. Throughout realistic, real life use cases, you will become familiar with CSETM and concepts like: Collective Elaboration, Example Mapping, and Ubiquitous Language.

Using Documentation as Code to form a bridge between Business and IT, you will gain useful insights on how to use and build a CSETM implementation that works for your environment. Leveraging Gauge, you will get acquainted with the concept of "Living Documentation" throughout hands-on experience.

Terms & Conditions

Every participant should have a portable computer at their disposal on which he/she has administrative rights to install and modify applications.

All course materials will be provided to the attendees throughout the LEAN VERTICAL Digital Learning Platform. Hereby referred to as Vertical Academy. All materials and updates will remain forever available to every participant.