Authentication as a Service
Getting sophisticated customer identiy requirements into production faster than ever before

At Lean Vertical, we value quality, security and privacy.

However, I must admit that providing our users with a rock-solid authentication mechanism was a fair challenge.

This list is basically never ending...

As we are a SaaS company also servicing enterprise customers, we have to be “enterprise-ready” at any given time. Enterprises love SSO, Microsoft Active Directory, SAML, SOC 2, HIPAA/BAA, Privacy Shield Certifications, Audit Reports, Private Cloud or on-premise deployments and this list is basically never ending…

Technically supporting all of these services in a native way would wreak havoc in our small, but lean engineering team. The “build-versus-buy” ratio just didn’t add up. We’re focused on overachieving and putting as much value into the market in an as short as possible timeframe. Manually coding all of the above would have resulted into a humongous setback for us.

Focused on solutions, and as open-source minded as we are, we stumbled upon Auth0.

So what about Auth0?

Auth0 is a SaaS company providing a universal authentication & authorization platform for web, mobile and legacy applications. Basically “Authentication as a Service”, and it turned out to be a real winner!

It ensures increased security for our users and provides our developers with a convenient framework and high-quality functionalities enabling us to maintain our quality- and speed related development standards.

An admin panel that's actually valuable

In addition, Auth0 comes with a beautiful admin panel that is intuitive and offers a lot of settings which we find very helpful. Integrating it into our codebase (Laravel & Vue.js) really felt like a breeze of fresh air!

Here’s what we personally love the most about Auth0:

  • It has perfect enterprise support. Auth0 supports SSO, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, SOC 2 etc… out of the box, making us enterprise-ready.
  • Extensive documentation and concise code examples in most programming languages, which makes it easy toimplement
  • The API you connect with is extreme qualitative and blazingly fast.

Oh, did we mention that is free up until 7000 active users? A free plan that actually that’s actually getting you places, well done and kudos to the founders!

From now on, all our users log in throughout Auth0 without hassle, yet with maximum security. If you want to know more about Auth0 here’s a more in-depth article: Reasons to Use Auth0 for Authentication in Your Application.

In case you’re interested in hearing our take on the development of scalable and secure SaaS applications, don’t hesitate to drop us line via button below.